XP Rules

Unlike most of our games, I will be tracking each of the PC’s xp individually. There will be no leveling up at the end of a chapter to stay on track. Each character’s growth will progress naturally and it is entirely possible to end a chapter either behind of ahead of the curve.

Current XP totals for players will be listed on the XP Table. It will be updated each time I post a new entry to the adventure log.

Journal Entries

Each time a PC posts a journal entry from their character’s perspective after a session, they are awarded with a hero point. If a player writes four consecutive entries, they will be awarded a bonus 10% to the XP that was earned during those sessions. An entry should be at least half a page and entered before the next session or within two weeks, whichever is longer, to receive credit. You may email the journal to me, or post it directly to the Journal page.

It should go without saying that any information gained by reading another character’s journal is strictly out of character knowledge unless that information was shared in game. If your entry contains information you wish to keep hidden from the other players, I will block that entry from view until such a time as that information becomes unveiled.

Missed Sessions

When you miss a session, your character will only earn 75% of the XP earned that night. If you choose, or if it is problematic for me to have a character missing in that stage of the story, your character may be played by another player. If your character participates during your absence they will receive 90% of the XP earned. If you have a preference on who runs your character, let me know early on, otherwise I will randomly assign the substitute player.

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XP Rules

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