Below are the characters which the players have met thus far over the course of their adventures.

Jenivere’s Crew

Alizandru Kovack – Captain of the Jenivere. Cordial with the PCs, but harsh to his crew. Has been spending an increasing amount of time with Ieana.

Alton Devers – First Mate of the Jenivere. Appears confident and hard working. Never argues with the Captain, but treats his men more fairly.

Rambar Terillo – Ship’s cook.

Jenivere’s Passengers

Aerys Mavato – Attractive half-elf who’s spent most of the journey in a bottle.

Gelik Aberwhinge – Well-dressed gnome with a rapier wit.

Ieana – Varisian scholar. Spends little time with anyone but the Captain.

Ishirou – A wanderer from Tian. Keeps mostly to himself.

Jask Derindi – Not much is known about this prisoner. He is kept below decks away from passengers and crew.

Sasha Nevah – A fiery haired young woman who has come out of her shell during the voyage. Only has nine fingers.

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